Robin Cavendish


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The Synopsis


In 1950s England, Robin (Andrew Garfield) and Diana (Claire Foy) fall madly in love. Soon after, they marry and expect their first child. But when Robin contracts polio and is paralized while in Kenya with Diana, their relationship is put to the test. He is suffering greatly from his diagnosis, losing his will to live during his stay in the hospital. Diana decides to bring Robin home, which is unheard of for polio patients, and struggles to make arrangements to take care of Robin. In her care he becomes an advocate for the integration of people with disabilities and works to make life easier for people with polio.

William Nicholson
Andy Serkis
Andrew Garfield, Claire Foy, Tom Hollander, Hugh Bonneville and more ...
The Reviews

What they say

"... like Hepburn and Tracy ..."

"... Garfield has always been a first-rate romantic lead... Foy and Garfield act in a continuum. He provides the spark, and her yearning fuels the fire... "

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Michael Sragow

"... This movie is very special indeed ..."

"... Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy give two of the best performances of the year in director Andy Serkis' moving true story of polio victim Robin Cavendish. ..."

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Pete Hammond

"... Big and bold performances ..."

"... It's a whopper of a performance from Garfield, and one that moves deftly through gradations of acceptance and hidden agonies. ..."

Kevin Maher
The Times (UK)
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